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We answer to the most frequently asked questions about Pixoria game.
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sipka Question: May I increase a number of 45 IMAGES/FACES of local players as any of them do not suit for me?
Answer: Download PIXORIA APPENDIX from our pages. You will get 150 additional animated IMAGES/FACES and further 19 COMPUTER ENGINES. APPENDIX is now free to download.

sipka Question: May I use my photo in Pixora game?
Answer: Yes, you do. Any figure in electronic form with a right size, graphical format and name. There is a guide how to add user pictures in a game help tips and tricks/user picture.

sipka Question: I do not know how to set up the Pixoria game over the internet.
Answer: Click on HELP in the MAIN MENU. Check the item internet. There is an example with figures (examples: 001). Do not forget to click on NEW GAME to apply new settings. Here is the help too: PIXORIA FIRST AID (HELP).

sipka Question: How to check who is the opponent HUMAN or COMPUTER?
Answer: Easily, when there is set up STATUS in the MAIN MENU (there are visible players in the extension menu), move mouse cursor over the timer of online internet player or check the online player in the SCORE. It is possible to play two computers (engines) against themselves.

sipka Question: I am looking for other gomoku fans. Do you know somebody?
Answer: Register on the CHAT ROOM. The more people there the better chance to meet somebody.

sipka Question: What the fun to develop the Pixoria game, do not you think?
Answer: Yes, of course. We developed the game during past 6 years with varying intensity several hours per month. So in time, when normal people relax after a hard day's work or devote to entertainment. As you see in the end everything did well. The development team consisted only of two guys speaking the same language thus the level of misunderstandings kept under acceptable level. Fun in comparison to tower of Babel.

sipka Question: How could you make my grandma the target of your ridicule?
Answer: We are very sorry for what has happened, but it was not our intention. All figures were drawn by graphic artist according to his fantasy and based on knowledges of repeated types of human faces. Nevertheless if somebody recognizes himself or anybody else from his neighborhood be sure that is accidental circumstance. There is no aim to ridicule anybody.

sipka Question: How to activate weapons? or are they missing there?
Answer: If you mean the Pixoria game, we have to disappoint you. Machine guns, chain saws or grenades are missing there. Only gun you have is your intellect.

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